We digitize your processes.

We deliver streamlined software and the expertise you need to continuously improve and evolve your business. You can get anything from a small-scale solution to a complete ERP system that is easily adapted and interacts with your other systems.

What can we do for you?

We fundamentally believe that a business system should support processes, not the other way around. Each company brings its own unique approach to ensuring competitiveness. This often involves the need for unique system support, which traditional ERP systems find hard to deliver – or which they lack completely. Let us help you create the unique ERP system you need.

”We don’t have any system. Excel is good, but, well…”

Imagine a web-based, multi-user system that’s both simple and reliable.

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”Our system is complicated.”

Imagine an application on top of your system that simplifies and automates your work.

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”Our system doesn’t support everything we do.”

Imagine a system that gives you exactly what you want.

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”The different systems don’t work together.”

Imagine an application that weaves your systems together in a single interface.

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”We need a new system.”

Imagine a system that’s perfect for your requirements – and your wallet.

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3 times faster

We know business. And we know business systems, technology and systems development. We get your project done quickly, and you get long-lasting results.

3 times better

We give your business system a new life that increases the efficiency of your processes and can lower your costs.

3 times cheaper

We deliver proven solutions. Where others can’t keep pace, we cross the finish line.


A modern, future-proof business system tailored to your needs.

Our technology platform, Comflow, is the foundation of the solutions we deliver to our customers. This platform makes it possible to create custom web systems containing all the good features of a standard system, without its drawbacks.

About our products

Meet some of our satisfied customers

More than 100 companies around the world trust us as their software and services provider. Although our customers work in a variety of industries, they share the same goal – to be best in class.

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A new customer is registered, reconciled and approved in minutes. Previously, this process could take up to three days.

The lead time for the quotation process was slashed from 132 hours to just 1 hour.

We remain convinced that nearly everything can be done better.

We create simple and powerful software solutions for people and businesses. We want to help you so that you can make people’s work more efficient.

Do you want to improve the way you work, too?