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Huge efficiency gains for TOOLS – from days to minutes
Thanks to a new web-based system, integrated with an external credit institute and address provider, TOOLS saves several days on each new customer registration in stores and out in the field. The company has achieved gains in efficiency while slashing credit risk and manual processing times.

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Ålö gains smooth level loading with Planner
Front loader manufacturer Ålo, using Corzia Planner and Comfow, gains a more accurate plan that better reflects actual lead times and existing capacity. The company has increased delivery accuracy from 70% to 95%. Their new solution has drastically simplified the planning process, with a better overview and feedback and greater flexibility. The solution provides better customer service, higher delivery accuracy, smoother production and more efficient resource utilization.

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At Åkers, processes keep rolling along
A leading manufacturer of forged and cast rolls, Åkers has breathed new life into its business system with Corzia’s technology solutions and services. The company has now succeeded in harmonizing and improving the control and efficiency of business processes. Thanks to the new solutions, Åkers can drastically speed the processing of quotes, sales orders, claims and other documents in a uniform way across all its global business units. The result? Better customer service and lower costs.

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