”Our system is complicated.”

Do you have a system whose support for certain processes is too complicated, with screen after screen of data that isn’t relevant to your work, features that are not connected, or lots of configuration settings that few people know about or understand the purpose of?

If you want a modern web-based system tailored to your processes, tightly integrated with underlying systems, searchable, has access control, and can operate in the cloud – then we have the solution for you. We have created a variety of solutions for customers who want to address the shortcomings of existing systems – systems that the customer can change and scale in pace with the changing needs of their business.
We start with your current solution, data and processes to produce a requirements specification and suggestions for a new solution together with you. We gradually develop the solution’s components, with frequent check-off points, in small short projects that can rapidly impact your business. Using solutions built on our Comflow platform, you quickly get a high-quality solution. We know business. And we know business systems, technology and systems development.

Success story example – Production reporting

The challenge
The customer’s legacy ERP system contained separate functions for operations reporting, material issue, receiving, by-products, and more. This made people’s work cumbersome and difficult for the operator. The quality of the reporting was lacking. The functions did not take into account that there was different data to report depending on the operation being performed. Users preferred working with paper rather than use the system.

The solution
The new web-based solution brings together all features in one function. The interface and data automatically change depending on the operation to be reported.

The benefits
Users now see reporting as a natural part of their work, it is easier for them to learn, and they can rely on the accuracy of the data reported.