“Our system doesn’t support everything we do.”

Do you have a system whose support for certain processes could be better? A common way to improve the system is to modify it in some way, or use mash-ups. But standard systems are not built to be modified. A modification is expensive, complicates upgrades, and can negatively affect quality, and the expertise is easily lost. And if you want to run the system in the cloud, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to include the modifications. Mash-ups might work better, but are limited by what the standard system can accomplish.

If you want a modern web-based system tailored to your processes, tightly integrated with underlying systems, searchable, has access control, and can operate in the cloud – then we have the solution for you. We have created a variety of solutions for customers who want to address the shortcomings of existing systems – systems that the customer can change and scale in pace with the changing needs of their business.
We start with your current solution, data and processes to produce a requirements specification and suggestions for a new solution together with you. We gradually develop the solution’s components, with frequent check-off points, in small short projects that can rapidly impact your business. Using solutions built on our Comflow platform, you quickly get a high-quality solution. We know business. And we know business systems, technology and systems development.

Success story example – Purchase requisition

I kundens befintliga affärssystem är stödet för inköp av icke lagerfört material till verksamhet bristfällig. Processen utfördes med inköpsanmodan via papper och e-mail med många manuella moment och bristfällig transparens.

The challenge
The customer’s existing ERP system lacked good support for purchasing non-stocked components for the business. The process was done with requisitions on paper and by email, with many manual touchpoints and inadequate transparency.

The solution
The new web-based system was developed to streamline the purchasing process and ensure its transparency, from the time the requester creates a request or makes a price inquiry to multi-level authorization and through to purchase and receiving. The process takes place in a workflow. The solution is integrated with the customer’s ERP system. The system digitally manages more than 400 purchase orders per month, with a throughput time of barely 2 days per order along with other purchases.