“The different systems don’t work together.”

Do you already have the information you need, but it’s located in different systems? In that case, your work is probably a hassle and inefficient. And it’s even worse when several systems have to be updated in parallel. Is the update done across all locations? What happens if an error is detected somewhere?

If you want a modern web-based system tailored to your processes, tightly integrated with underlying systems, searchable, has access control, and can operate in the cloud – then we have the solution for you. We have created a variety of solutions for customers who want to address the shortcomings of existing systems – systems that the customer can change and scale in pace with the changing needs of their business.
We start with your current solution, data and processes to produce a requirements specification and suggestions for a new solution together with you. We gradually develop the solution’s components, with frequent check-off points, in small short projects that can rapidly impact your business. Using solutions built on our Comflow platform, you quickly get a high-quality solution. We know business. And we know business systems, technology and systems development.

Success story example – Machine maintenance

The challenge
The customer’s existing ERP system contained the bulk of the information needed to plan and perform maintenance on the machinery and purchase spare parts. But information about the machinery such as details, structures, history, images and documents resided in another system. Some information was even contained in both systems. This means that users always had to work in both systems.

The solution
A new web-based system was developed to streamline the maintenance process by having only one system to work in and thus ensuring that the user has the right information. At the same time, the system was adapted based on its processes and so tasks were streamlined even more. By doing this, a user could receive and report on information in less than half the time.